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In short: a new innovation system
at the service of product quality

December 17, 2020
AMW's new Keyence optical measurement, IM-7030

AMW is equipped with the latest version of Keyence optical measurement, IM-7030, to optimize the receiving inspection of made to order pieces.

The Keyence IM-7030 measurement system


Our AMW site in Thailand receives a new performance and innovation system in its quality department.

The IM-7030 can take 99 measurements per second, on small and large components: up to 300 x 200 mm, with a height of 80 mm and a mass of up to 7.5 kg. The control is carried out without contact, making it possible to work on parts resulting from machining, stamping or plastic injection produced for different industries.

The measurement volume is six times greater than the previous version of the Keyence control range. Our quality teams can now save precious time in repeatability.

With this device, AMW brings an additional quality guarantee to our customers while improving its production cycles.



Take a live tour of our factory in Bangkok


Are you interested in visiting our factory and discover our processes? It’s possible!

With the health crisis, if you cannot travel or if you have to respect social distancing measures, AMW is setting up live visits of our site, in HD video. Emile Dumay and Thierry Basse, our manufacturing manager and our sales manager answer your questions in real time.


These tours are available by appointment: do not hesitate to contact us!

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