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Acquisition of MYD10X : the new automated in-line dispensing system

October 20, 2021
Dispensing Machine

AMW recently acquired the MYD10X from mycronic, a new automated in-line dispensing system.

Due to the high flexibility, this equipment provides a good response to specific processes like underfill, selective solder paste or glue dispensing, from prototypes up to high volume manufacturing. AMW is able to handle a large variety of products with needs in PoP, Dam & Fill, FPC components, reinforcement material, Hot melt…

It is also a way to bring a high level of quality for our customer and demonstrate our ability to adapt and react quickly to any new processes. With this new machine, AMW brings an additional quality guarantee to your project and improves its supply chain and production cycle.



Want to see our factory in action? Join a live tour!

AMW offers you a live tour of its factory, to show you the entire production line and the different manufacturing processes. The tour lasts about 1h30, during which you will be accompanied by Emile Dumay, Manufacturing Director, who will be available to answer all your questions in real time.

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