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In short: Automatic First Article Inspection for new PCBA production

May 31, 2022
Automatic First Article Inspection

For any new PCBA production order, AMW is doing an automatic First Article Inspection at the SMD level in order to minimize risk of quality before engaging the full lot of production.

First Article Inspection is a formal method of providing a reported measurement for a given manufacturing process. The method consists of measuring the properties, values and geometry of an initial sample item against a given specification.

It avoids performing FAI manually, which costs time, concentration and always a risk of human error. In addition, the FAI machine checks component presence and orientation, verifies LCR values (induction, capacitance, resistance) 10 times faster than doing it manually.

Our FAI tester machine is equipped with a optical verification camera for the visual inspection of the component, 7 individual probe unit for testing any component size, a unit under test platform to hold PCB in place and a linear motion tracks

The FAI tester makes the optical inspection process more streamlined and accurate, speeding up changeover on the production line by 10 and allowing automated quality assurance data capture and logging. You prevent losing revenue by preventing line downtime; this is a reel added value to the total cost of the component production.

After one year in our factory, FAI tester machine allowed us to reduce the First Acceptance Inspection average time by 4 to 20 times depending on the complexity of the product !
This time saving allows us to work more efficiently, but also to produce more for our customers in a specific time.

In the future, we are convinced that this machine is a key asset for AMW but also for our customer.

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