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In short: Our PCBA Laser Marking Machine from YOUNGPOOL Technology

April 27, 2023

The marking of our PCB has a crucial role in terms of the traceability of our pieces. Automating this process ensures a more reliable and effective marking as it diminishes the error rate and allows us to gain space. Easy to maintain, it creates high-quality marks to track the PCB throughout the production process with ease.

How does our PCBA Laser Marking Machine works?


Firstly, the PCB enters the machine through the magazine loader. It arrives at the Laser Marker which engraves the QR code or text needed to be able to track the piece during the next steps of the production process. Thanks to its four types of lasers (CO2, Fiber, Green, and UV) as well as a selection of diameters sizes, the marking process is highly precise and rigorous. Indeed, an instantaneous verification included in the machine prevents mistakes before it happens. The piece then enters the PCB Cleaner and is pushed to the magazine unloader. The cleaning process is highly important as it avoids the presence of local residues that can have an impact on the function of the piece in the long term with short circuits. After the marking process, PCB pieces are classified on our systems by scanning the QR codes. The first set is verified by our Quality department before repeating the process for all the PCB pieces.

This machine has numerous advantages. Firstly, the laser’s stability is outstanding which guarantees no gantry movement thus good readability. Its instantaneous verification, high speed and ability to mark both sides of the piece make it a highly efficient and flexible machine as it is recognized as three times faster than Laser Marking Systems. The PCBA Laser Marking Machine is also very safe as it is equipped with safety doors on both sides to prevent pollution on the factory floor, a fume detector with an alarm/stoppage if the conditions are not met as well as a high flow rate dust collector.

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