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Our site in Thailand

Why a group ?

AMW group is targeting to be a major player for the manufacturing of innovative products developed to meet the energy of tomorrow. Thanks to our various acquisitions, Radio- Energie and Acime technology, we are preparing the technologic pillars that will allow us to respond globally to our customer.

With 750 people and 3 sites in the world, AMW Group offers high technical skill and manufacturing capacity to imagine, develop and produce your future solutions.

A French Partner with
the responsiveness
you need

Acime technology is a magnetic manufacturing company with 30 years experience specialized in power conversion.

AMW acquired Acime technology with more than 10 000 references produced and 30 years experience, Acime is your key and local supplier for long term partnership.


Acime manufactures magnetics for several markets : Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Industrial, New technologies, Energy, Telecom, Signs and Display.


Mission: ACIME TECHNOLOGY is able to produce prototypes, high complexity products, low volume and one shoot series, and offer a pass through to Bangkok factory for low cost high volume.

Products technology

Thoroidal Transformer for Current measurement Linear Chokes low & High frequencies
Helmhotz Coil.
Voltage transformer low & High frequencies Antenna.
High Voltage Power Supply High Frequency Voltage step-up transformer from 5kV to 50kV Pulse transformer 70kV
Contactor coil
Power Transformer Low voltage
Solenoid Valve
11 route d’Archigny, Le Bourg 86300 SAINTE-RADEGONDE
Christian Bride
+33 (0)6 98 77 45 79

Our other EMS

EMS solutions
The best signal
since 1928 !

Our goal, take parts of the Energy transformation and contribute to bring value in the new motor generation.

Radio-Energie develops, qualifies and manufactures electrical motors and tachometers since 1928. This factory based in west of France (Chatellerault) has already an existing  product portfolio under the different trademarks SERAMEL, RADIO-ENERGIE.

From 2003 to 2017, date of the acquisition by AMW, Radio-Energie was focused on Airplane seat Actuators for Zodiac-Aerospace.

Since 2017, Radio-energie developed new markets like Industrial, Railway, around small and medium size DC motors & generators.

All our products are manufactured on our Châtellerault site (France)
100% of our products are tested in operation in our laboratories


To be the strategic partner for our Customers within the world of electric rotating machine and take advantage of historical knowledge based on human knowledge and skills.

RE.0444 is worldwide well known for its robustness and reliability


Mission: To promote the Radio-Energy Signal and be ready to answer the expectations of a moving market , this for a long-term basis

From the standard DC tachogenerator to the unique customized motorized system, including the prototype « Wind Pin PMG », …. Radio Energie is fully dedicated and commited to answer all your requirements and demands with high level of flexibility.
Mass production (Dynamo-Tachometer : shaft end, hollow shaft,…)
Specific Product on customer request (unit production)
Ex: Dedicated AC Tachometer
P.M.G. ( Permanent Magnet Generator)
Ex : Floating mounting

radio energie portfolio

DC tachogenerator
DC Motor
AC tachometer
Absolute & incremental encoder
Centrifugal switch
Phonix wheel

contact radio energie

41 route de Nonnes 86100 CHATELLERAULT
41 route de Nonnes 86100 CHATELLERAULT +33 (0)5 49 21 78 42 +33 (0)6 87 30 69 49

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