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Our markets

Power Charger / E-mobility


Power Charger / E-mobility

E-mobility is an emerging market,

For 20 years, AMW has been a major player in this field thanks to it’s magnetic components integrated in the various chargers and energy converters manufactured in our factory in Bangkok. The requirements of this market in terms of quality and delivery are very important.

From the design up to the definition of the full specification, we co-design and manufacture strategic product for the e-mobility sector. Our factory in Thailand offers the capacity, resources and necessary processes to manufacture Modular and fast charger cabinets / systems thanks to a secure supply chain from the manufacture of magnetic components, PCBA and power modules. Our recent factory (01/2020) now allows full support for all partners looking for Quality / Cost / LeadTime.

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Forklifts power chargers Forklifts power chargers
EV Charger EV Charger

power charger / e-mobility Applications

Fast EV charger Modular
Power Charger Cabinet
Power Charger Module
Converter / Inverter Battery
Battery Management Systems (BMS)
Power Modules

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