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our site in bangkok

A Factory built, set up and ready to support and guarantee our journey to walk with you in your future.

It’s all about
the futur
Built on a sophisticated structured base protecting from any flooding risks
Right by highways network
At the doors of the airport and the harbor for reduced logitics lead times
Organised layout to shorten products routes
10.000 sqm of solar panels to produce 1.6 GWatt
Automatic SMT picking/kiting
SMT main floor

A 4.0 factory

Fully connected
High level access control
Fully temperature and humidity controlled
High-end biometric access to critical areas (face recognition) for control & traceability
Advanced visitor management system to protect integrity and confidentiality
10Gb Optical Network for a strong data network

“we have assembled new building technologies together to secure and serve complex manufacturing in South East Asia ”

From left to right :
Keng engineering director
Hervé Mouly Ceo & president
Patrice Bard managing director
Khun Kattiya Rangseepanya Commercial Director
Khun Kanokpat Chanvaivit
Technical Director head of Manufacturing
Operators entering in the ESD zone with access control, (Facial recognition associated to ESD equipment test)
System test

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