March 24, 2021

At AMW, meeting our customers’ expectations is at the heart of our concerns. That’s why during the pandemic, we quickly adapted our way of working and developed virtual tours of our new factory in Thailand.

Adapting to an unprecedented sanitary context

After the first lockdown, and in order to overcome the inability to carry out physical visits in Thailand, AMW quickly responded by developing a virtual visit offer. After several tests and adaptations to ensure the best possible visit, the first visit took place in December, and it was a great success!

The advantage of these virtual visits is that we have no limit of people because we use an efficient video conference system. The visits can be done in English or in French, and all you have to do is connect to your computer to participate.

Today, more than fifteen visits have taken place with several prospects and different challenges. Always looking for improvement, we keep on perfecting our technique visit after visit and can now ensure quality live videos, without interruption and this on the whole factory site.

Course of a typical visit

It is directly from Thailand that Emile Dumay, Manufacturing Director, offers you a personalized and interactive tour of the factory. Each tour, which lasts about 1h30, allows you to visit the whole factory and the key stages of production:

  • Site entrance: meeting rooms, facial recognition system with temperature measurement and mask verification
  • Open space of the production/quality offices and the second purchasing/R&D/quotation team
  • Visit of the workshop and the receiving dock: arrival of the material, explanation of labeling, entry into the AMW administrative system, machines and tools for quality control of materials and pieces.
  • Storage of components that do not require any particular protocol
  • Storage of chemical products, retention system, fire protection
  • Storage of electronic components with humidity and temperature control and under antistatic protection, introduction of the different storage machines (picking robots…)
  • Electronic board workshop: how it is controlled, conformity before entering the workshop, automatic electronic boards, through components, varnishing systems, board tests, functional tests, test and integration of modules
  • Magnetic workshop (where magnetic components are prepared and manufactured)
  • System integration line
  • X-ray control room
  • Team training room
  • Shipping dock

The visit ends with an exchange meeting and questions/answers to deepen the points seen during the visit and define together the continuation of our collaboration.

Responding to our customers’ needs and expectations

For AMW, these visits are a real way to reassure our prospects, to enlighten them on all of the factory’s processes and how AMW operates.

At the end of each visit, an overall feeling of clarity, mastery and expertise emerges and this helps our prospects to project themselves onto a future partnership: the storage capacities are sufficient for their product, the processes are professional and they have understood the support capacities that AMW offers.

These virtual visits are also a considerable time and money saver: no need to travel or send a team on an audit on site, everything can be done at a distance.

“Very nice production tool, good preparation of the visit,

it was very interesting and qualitative: nice visit, we would like a factory like that! “

We are delighted to be able to respond to the problems of our future customers, and are very pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and positivity that emerge at the end of each visit. Our virtual tours offer a force of projection and trigger a real desire to collaborate with AMW.

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