April 16, 2021

The EMS partnership between E4V and AMW celebrates its two years in 2021! The opportunity to carry out a brief review in an interview with Vincent Lemonnier, Plant Director at E4V, from the prototyping of electronic cards to the challenges of tomorrow’s electric mobility.

THE E4V expertise

E4V offers battery solutions and embedded energy storage systems for electric vehicles. The company offers a global service from design to industrialization of battery production. E4V has real added value in engineering: the teams offer tailor-made energy storage solutions for their customers, upstream from the technical characteristics of vehicles.

In 2019, E4V joined its forces with AMW to industrialize its electronic board. Romain Garnier, Program Manager at AMW, took charge of the project.

On what projects are you collaborating on with AMW?

The partnership between E4V and AMW concerns the industrialization of electronic boards designed by E4V for batteries. AMW is E4V factory’s support and accompanies the design work with an industrial perspective, specific to the assembly of electronic cards. Vincent Lemonnier – Plant Director


Do you have specific expectations regarding the supply chain?

There is obviously a question of cost. E4V and AMW have succeeded in setting an attractive value proposition regarding to the product and the expectations of the end customer.
There is also the issue of manufacturing volumes and the quality of the support, which was suited to the request: a French engineering team, with a factory based in Thailand, which was relevant to our suppy-chain.

The EMS partnership with AMW

How is the design phase going?

During the design phase, AMW provides design support services for the industrialization of electronic cards. Our teams therefore challenge each other on DFM and DFT issues, dedicated to improving the design in order to manufacture and test it.


What were the technical specificity of E4V’ products?

E4V produces cutting-edge equipment and technology for electric automotive OEMs.
The challenge on electronic boards is therefore to provide components of the most recent technology possible, and assembly methods specific to lithium batteries.


Who followed-up on the project at AMW?

Romain Garnier, Program Manager at AMW, was referent for the E4V project :
The French engineering team on site introduced and supported the project to facilitate communication. I supplied weekly reviews about the supply chain and product quality.
AMW also has international, multilingual support within the factory in Thailand, which was very handy for the project. “ – Romain Garnier, AMW’s Program Manager

Bring value together

What were the advantages of your collaboration?

The collaboration between E4V and AMW will have two years in 2021, and everything works on fluid exchanges.
AMW has been able to adapt quickly, from the prototyping stages to series production. The teams were able to show flexibility in the introduction of new products and rapid ramp-up processes: the production was launched in less than three months.


How did the electronic board contribute to bring value to the finished product?

To describe this value, we can speak of the “brain of the product”: the product strength depends on the quality and reliability of the electronics (importance of design, reliability of components, the way in which they are integrated, the system test, etc.)
Design is therefore the most important element in creating value. The challenge for AMW was to ensure the quality of the product and the monitoring of the project in the long term, with the guarantee of the same level of quality regardless of the period.


In your opinion, what are the challenges for the electric mobility of tomorrow?

The first challenge on which E4V is working today is the development of the industrial tool (supply chain included) to face the fast growth of the battery demand in the electronic vehicles sector. We are also working on technological innovation to offer more energy in less volume, less weight and at lower cost. And finally, we are optimizing the end-of-life and recycling of our products to limit their impact on the environment.

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