May 28, 2021

At AMW, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ needs and supporting their projects and productions in a sustainable manner. The success of our projects depends on the know-how and expertise of our teams. AMW therefore ensures that the level of professionalism for its employees is always at the maximum and the training of our teams is the driving force behind this ambition.

Adapt to demand fluctuations

Our training methods are primarily adapted to managing fluctuations in demand. We train all of our employees in-house, in our training room. These training sessions essentially allow us to offer our employees multi-skill caps, which allows us to manage the different demands of our customers and their needs for specific parts.

The training of our employees is also based on the development and expertise of our employees, by training them on complementary skills (for example a person specialized in linear winding will be trained on axial winding). Our experienced trainers are 100% dedicated to online training and participate in the introduction of new products. We are also in the process of setting up a tracking system for skills needs by product, with automatic verification via our scoring system.

To adapt to the demands of our customers

AMW’s strength is its adaptability and production capacity to ensure your manufacturing processes on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the need, the teams concerned are trained in IPC standards (IPC-A-610 class 2 and 3), thus allowing a better level of control and respect for the adaptability criteria on the components.

In addition to the training of our teams, we use powerful tools that allow us to find the best product equivalents for your project, thus ensuring its success and also allowing us to anticipate the risks (obsolescence) specific to certain components.

Retention and training to manage turnover

In order to minimize the impact of turnover, we take particular care to ensure that our new employees are trained as thoroughly as possible and on firm criteria, in order to always ensure the same quality in our productions. This training allows us to ensure the production of parts over the long term without impacting their quality or the feasibility of your project. AMW is committed to supporting and ensuring the production and assembly of your project’s parts and components without loss of quality.

We have also implemented many benefits within our company to retain our employees and facilitate their integration.

“When we moved to a new factory, AMW set up a free bus system to allow the employees who were farthest away to get to work, and to limit the impact of this move as much as possible. This way, we kept all our employees” – Thierry Basse

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