February 02, 2022

Both machines have an important role in the manufacture of high quality electronic boards.

Board cleaning is useful for improving the repeatability of nail board testing, the long-term adhesion of board tropicalization and reliability of products. Automating this process with those machines ensures that the cleaning process is fully repeatable and effective.

Contamination tester

The board cleaning machine allows to clean mainly the flux residues necessary for the soldering process but also any kind of contamination. The objective is to facilitate the qualification of the implementation of an automatic cleaning process and to control its efficiency in mass production.

We have recently decided to internalize this capability within our factory after having performed these contamination analyses with local partners in the past. Our training team was trained by the local distributor of the machine. This team itself has set up training materials in the local language and trains all potential users.

How does the contamination tester work ?

First, the cards are immersed in a pre-calibrated solution for a measurement lasting about 10-15 minutes. At the end of the measurement process, a result curve is displayed on the screen and a report is generated. This report allows us to certify the cleanliness of our cards

Board washing Machine

Automating the board cleaning process with machines guarantees a perfectly repeatable cleaning. This avoids the risk of local residues that can lead to faster oxidation over time and the creation of short circuits in the very long term.

The contaminometer also allows to measure the residual contamination equivalent in NaCl and thus the cleaning efficiency. After cleaning the first set, all the cards are sent to the Quality department to check that the cleaning has been done correctly before repeating it on the other sets of cards.

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