July 12, 2023

The process of PCB depaneling consists of the removal of numerous PCBs from a larger multi-PCB panel. AMW-EMS acquired a new routing machine from AUROTEK. On top of an accurate and efficient drilling process, the high-speed motor allows us to now drill aluminum PCB as well!

How does our Semi-Automatic PCB Separator works?

After placing the aluminum PCB on the machine, our engineers will set a program to separate the PCBs on the multi-PCB panel. This computer-controlled process is user-friendly as it provides real-time production information and includes a CCD Camera for a more precise cutting with features such as a Cutting Route Simulation and Cutting Route Optimization. After the simulation and the program setting, the cutting can start. The first set of aluminum PCBs is then checked by our Quality department before going into mass production.

What are its advantages?

Its main advantage lies in the fact that the cutting of the PCBs is highly accurate and low-stress. Indeed, the high-speed spindle motor reduces mechanical stress during cutting. The KURODA high precision ball screw and Panasonic servo motor make our new routing machine from AUROTEK highly accurate with a guaranteed cutting accuracy of ±80 μm and a Positioning Repeatability of ±10μm. The CCD Camera included displays a 10X image of the PCB to improve training precision.

Our Semi-Automatic PCB Cutting Machine is applicable for a maximum movement of 450*520mm. With customized fixtures and a dual table production changeover can be done in just a few seconds which allows us to meet our customers’ expectations in the best delays.

Equipped with YSF Vacuum Cleaner which collects the dust and scraps generated by the router, our PCB Separator from Aurotek is highly efficient and ensures excellent PCB quality. In terms of safety, the machine has a sliding and breaking detection, a fiducial mark alignment, the CE certification and sliding doors. The usage of block-out infra-red sensors reduces the risk of personnel inadvertently intruding on the processing area. The products can be tracked thanks to an automatic barcode (DMX) reader, and MES Integration (by TCP/IP Socket).

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