September 06, 2021

From reducing your global costs to increasing your production safely, outsourcing your production and working with an EMS partner might be the best solution!

Reduce and control costs

The key advantage is obviously financial! Choosing to outsource your production rather than doing in house allows you to considerably reduce your overheads. Indeed, the construction and operation of a factory is very expensive (equipment, payroll, training, safety, electricity, material warehouse, maintenance…) and these costs only increase as your production lines develop.

Outsourcing also allows you to better control your expenses: your EMS partner will be able to precisely size his service according to your global budget and adapt the production to your needs.

An EMS, unlike in-house production, will be able to depreciate its machines and its structure on all of its customers, with an optimized use of its assets.

Acquire specific skills

By outsourcing your production, you give your project the chance to be managed by professionals and to benefit from skills and facilities that are difficult to integrate into your company. Your EMS partner has the infrastructure, staff and space to carry out your project and production.

Some manufacturing processes require highly specialized skills, specific training up to certifications linked to the markets or products. Working with an EMS gives your project the best possible chance to develop in the best possible way, especially for the long term.

Focus your energy on your core business

Innovation and time to market are the key words for a company that wants to grow. Projects come and go with increasingly tight introduction deadlines..

Entrusting your project to an EMS partner allows you to focus your energy on your core competencies, thus optimising your chances of success. You can concentrate on your core business and let your partner take care of the secondary issues and the smooth running of your productions.

Delegating production to a partner gives you freedom of mind and therefore greater efficiency.

Increase operational flexibility and better management of the unexpected

If there is one thing to remember from the last few months, it is that you must always be prepared to deal with the unexpected. Variations in demand, shortages of components, natural disasters… these are all elements that can directly impact your production and put your project at risk.

In the event of the unexpected, your EMS partner will do everything necessary to cope with the pressure, anticipate the needs of your project and ensure continuity in production, at the best possible cost. If necessary, it will also be able to call on other existing suppliers and partners to source the necessary material and monitor changes in demand to adjust volumes and time to market.

Your EMS partner has a thorough knowledge of its market and the competition, so it will constantly adjust its response to your needs, while optimising the quality and cost of its services.

Be well supported in case of increased production

The success of your project equals growth. But what if you don’t have the capacity to handle the extra production that comes with that growth? By outsourcing your production, you can ensure that your project thrives and get rid of logistical problems.

Indeed, a good EMS partner will do its best to understand your request and accompany you in your growth by investing in the infrastructure, personnel and machinery necessary to increase your production. Optimizing your production time and costs is a priority for your partner, and for you!

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