July 28, 2021

Women employees at AMW share with you their experience at AMW, their vision of the place of women in the technology industry and what they would like to share with future women workers in this expanding sector.

South East Asia is one of the most progressive regions in terms of women’s working conditions and their place and responsibilities within companies. Around the globe, the average share of women working in the technology and industry sector is 28%, compared to over 32% in SouthEast Asia. With 42% of women working in tech, Thailand tops the charts in SEA.*

“According to BCG’s research, companies where women account for more than 20 per cent of the management team have approximately 10 per cent higher innovation revenues than companies with male-dominated leadership.” – BCG

*Study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)

At AMW, equality between our employees regardless of their gender, and their working conditions are very important to us. Today, 70% of AMW employees are women. At the managerial level, there are 40% of women. This percentage is increasing year by year and parity could soon be reached. There is obviously no difference in pay between men and women in equivalent positions, from the recruitment process to the salary; skills and experience alone justify the salaries and the position of our employees.

On the HR aspect, we do everything possible to support and facilitate the working conditions of women within our company and factory. AMW provides suitable gowns for pregnant women working in the factory, and arrange working hours and shifts during pregnancy to avoid any dangerous situation for the mother-to-be. About welfare we have several bonus for all AMW employe both men and women:

  • Birth bonus (for the first 2 kids)
  • Yearly participation for school supplies (for the first 2 kids, every year)
  • Wedding bonus (for all employee, 1 time)

Meet 4 women working at AMW

Kwan, working as Administrative and Executive Assistant for 3 years

Can you describe your job, your tasks and the responsibilities you have?
Essentially, I support both CEO and Administrative Manager for all Administrative tasks, coordination with other departments in the company as well as local or international authority.

Has your role changed? If so, how?
The role has been slightly changed. In the first 2 years, I work mostly with CEO and Administrative manager. It has been a year that I directly supervise maids and security guards, who are in charge of keeping the factory neat and clean above the standard. It’s challenging because before that time I only observed other people, and requested them to do some tasks. When it comes to directing 20 persons at a time, it’s quite a big change for a small department in AMW. I also help the maintenance manager and his team to check and remark about any changes around the factory. I also support the HR Department when it comes about the well-being of our colleagues.

As a woman, what values do you hold within the company?
As a woman in the administrative department in an Electrical company, my role is essentially to support, help, coordinate, and encourage other departments to achieve their work successfully.

As a woman, do you feel supported within AMW? How?
Yes. Both within and outside my department. Within our department we discussed a lot, both in person or via discussion platforms. We are aware of listening to each member of the team, analyse problems and find the best solution that meets the middle ground of everyone.
When it comes to do projects with other departments, we , from different parties, discuss openly about concerned topics. We also voted for some other topics.

As a woman,do you see for your future within AMW as much chances to progress than your colleagues male ?
I see my better future here. AMW is a great place to work for women because everyone can progress regardless of status. it’s your achievement, your perseverance, your vision which counts. Our supervisor sees our potential in us and allows us to progress in work.
Our department has just promoted a new female maid supervisor, as the factory is bigger and we need someone to be on site and coordinate with the rest of the maids. She has a strong team-working spirit and shows to us her enthusiasm, willingness to succeed together.

Pissuda, working as a Training Manager for 10 years

What is your name and what role do you hold at AMW?
I am Pissuda Suknoi, my major role is training management. Service mind is my prominent personality and others always ask me for help, so I have some minor roles also.

Can you describe your job, your tasks and the responsibilities you have?
I have joined AMW for the last 10 years. I am the first employee in the training section. I started building the training system myself, it is my pride. Training system was implemented, evaluated for its effectiveness and improvement if needed. Nowaday I continue building a strengthened training team. I am also certified IPC trainer, this is one of quality tools for building trust through quality.

How long have you been working at AMW? Has your role changed? If so, how?
10 years, no change in the role but additional tasks more and more. Since I work hard & work smart I was promoted last year.

As a woman, do you feel supported within AMW? How?
AMW supported all genders by considering various elements, especially labor law, which focus on pregnancy care.


Poochisa, working as a Production Manager PCBA for 4 years

Can you describe your job, your tasks and the responsibilities you have?

Business unit in my control is PCB A & Charger. My job scope is manufacturing and assembly electronic parts, starting from preparation, wave soldering, coating and assembly module until packing for shipping. My responsibility is planning, controlling and following up output targets according to the quality that customers require including solving problems received or caused by the work process in the production line to be completed, to be able to produce work continuously.

How long have you been working at AMW? Has your role changed? If so, how?

I’ve been working here for around 4 years. Initially, I came to work at AMW as a Production Engineer position after working the past 2 years because the company’s growth rate has increased, customers needed more orders and they were interested in more new projects. After the management saw my dedication, I had promoted to Manager position

As a woman, what values do you hold within the company?

Respect and humility with all colleagues. I think 2 things give comradeship and a chance to receive knowledge from experienced people and as well as being able to coordinate with all departments smoothly, this is a guide to success.

As a woman, do you feel supported within AMW? How?

Sure, AMW is considering your performance, not gender.

Thipawan, AS400 Developper since 2021

What role do you hold at AMW? Can you describe your job, your tasks and the responsibilities you have?

I am Thipawan Chomsuansawan working as an AS400 Developer at AMW. My responsibility is to develop applications on AS400, and to support users with any issues on the system.

Although I’ve been working here for 3 – 4 months only, I feel supported by everyone here and every level. As a newcomer, they helped me a lot to get more understanding of the business process of AMW, and to adapt myself with a new workplace and new people.

As a woman, what values do you hold within the company? Do you feel supported within AMW? How?

In a diverse world, everyone is different, not only men or women, but also nationality, age, or in some other way. No matter who we are: men, women, LGBTQ, younger, elder, Thai, French; we are working as one. This is what I always hold to work within the organization. We are a part of the team. Everyone is like a single piece of jigsaw – it would not be perfectly completed without only one piece. Everyone is important in their own way. The more important thing is to make all pieces continuously connected as one. That is to support each other together.

Evolution and place of women in the technologic industry

Supatjira, working in Human Resources at AMW for 21 years and Somruedee, Quality System Manager for 1 year and a half, joined Kwan, Thipawan and Pissuda to answer global questions about women in the tech industry

Have you seen any developments or improvement of the position of women in the tech industry? If so, how?

“For the last 30 years, I have never seen a woman engineer in the technology industry. Now it seems like there are more and more women in this industry.” – Pissuda, Training Manager

“Yes, but not much in this profession. Personally, I think some women may not get enough of the opportunity or trust from their supervisors but in this age many women have enough talent and potential and our world is open, not separating genders like before so I believe that if women are committed enough they can be successful in this profession.” – Poochisa, Production Manager

What do you think still needs to change?

“This still needs to change because when it comes to a specific field of tech industry, it is mostly dominated by male colleagues. Rarely are seen female supervisors or managers when it comes to technical things. When we are in the education system, we know that both women and men can excel in technology. I hope that there will be more place for women in this section of industry.” – Kwan, Administrative and Executive Assistant

“I would say to stop NEGATIVE thinking about the difference of gender; but show them who we are, and what we expert instead. Fight for the thing we desire.” – Thipawan, AS400 Developper

“In this age, the management is open minded and gives women a lot of opportunities to work in this profession and this is very good for us to prove to ourselves that we can do it, we are suitable for this position.” – Poochisa, Production Manager

“Yes, we still need to change the education system, especially in Thailand. Most students in college for Electronic, Electrical, Mechanical are men. We need to promote or improve education programs to fit women.” – Somruedee, Quality System Manager

What would you say to a young woman who wants to work in the technologic industry?

“Technology is rapidly changing, we have to not only run up but run ahead.” – Pissuda, Training Manager

“Be ambitious, be confident and be sure of what you want to do.” – Kwan, Administrative and Executive Assistant

“Less asking others for women. More acting to show them our capability. Be proud of ourselves.” – Thipawan, AS400 Developper

“Please don’t despair and don’t be discouraged. Competition with a lot of men in this profession are difficulties but if we are determined, diligent and do our best job I believe that someone in your organization will see it and open your mind to give a good opportunity for you” – Poochisa, Production Manager

“Must have flexibility, eager to learn new technology quickly, ready to deal with situations and changes in the current world.” – Supatjira – Human Resources

“Technologic industry growth rapidly and there are many opportunities for anyones. Believe in yourself and take a chance on joining this industry.” – Somruedee, Quality System Manager

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